Tuesday February 13- Toronto

Crapnation Zine Launch

at Cherry Cola's

Crapnation #7 Launch Party.

Awesome bands, people, prizes and of course the 'Zine! Come on out and grab your copy and enjoy a wonderful night out!


Featuring live music from:


High Heels Lo Fi

Frontline Fiesta

Green Girl


Doors 9pm / $8 / 19+

Free copy of Crapnation included with cover (while supplies last)

Cherry Cola's Rock & Rolla Cabaret and Lounge, 200 Bathurst St, just N of Queen




Coming soon... mid Feb... another Twitch Show

Come to a live concert from the comfort of your own couch! Rock out with us pantsless, with your own cheap beer & cheesies!


It's fast & free to sign in to Twitch - watch us as we rehearse for our New Year's show (and dork around).Talk to us in the online chat - we'll likely take requests!


18+ because we swear




Pop punk glam dirty comedy party rock. Is that description too long? Basically we're super fun rock & roll for hanging out with your coolest friends, having a drink and a laugh.



Our naughty little five song EP was recorded at The Verge Studios, Music Mansion, Toronto, Canada ( by Lucy Van Nie, mixed and mastered  at Wolf Pack Studios (, Toronto, Canada.


Songs include "Get Me Some", "Unfuckable", "Eff the Day Job", "How Small Is It?", and "Can't Lose with Booze".




What kind of arseholes record the same song 7 different ways? Oh yeah - us!


Songs include "Mississauga Booty Call" in lounge, punk, classic rock, and lounge to punk style, plus "Transylvania Booty Call", "Orion Slave Girl Booty Call", "North Pole Christmas Booty Call", and a special "16-bit Booty Call" by special guest Villianest.

I need a cardiograph to show if he’s got heart An IQ test - ‘cause I like ‘em smart I need all of these tools to weed out the fools A large hadron collider would be a start ~ Nerdy




High Heels Lo Fi is on a mission to make every person who bothered to put on pants and go out into the night damn excited that they left their cozy couch. Cocktails, cheerleader pompoms, dancing and shenanigans set to a naughty soundtrack of garage-glitz-raunch-rock with elements of punk and comedy, they are a great time as much as a great band!

Featuring tunes such as "Big Dumb Rock Song", "Eff the Day Job", "You Win Again, Tequila", and "Can't Lose with Booze", Toronto's High Heels Lo Fi has raised fists and shaken asses from Montreal to Windsor.



"Imagine if “Weird Al” Yankovic wrote all original material while utterly drunk for three weeks and listening to The Runaways and Kiss for inspiration. Sex, booze and one night stands: High Heels Lo Fi cleverly capture the scene with tongues planted firmly in cheek and asses possibly hanging out of their stage outfits.” ~


" of the most wildly entertaining bands in the city, High Heels Lo Fi!

High Heels Lo Fi play drunk rock and they don't just play it, they live it.

Your mother probably wouldn't like them, your dad might...

if your dad is a touch on the dirty side."

~ Dan Wolovick, Two Way Monologues


"Local underground power punk sensation."



" prepared to be swept away to a beer-guzzling, dancefloor-praising trance as you emulate the lovechild of Weird Al Yankovic-meets-Joan Jett-at-Vaudeville."

~ Canadian Beats Review




Cynthia is a performance poet, short novelist, painter, graphic designer, VJ (Google "VJ 7th Deadly") and party instigator. She's been dating musicians since she was 16, so it finally dawned on her... if you can't beat them, join them! (It's really just poetry with a couple of chords and a shorter skirt, right?) Apparently, "I'm in a band" is the perfect excuse to wear and do ridiculous things! Her record for holding "the long note" on stage is 57 seconds. She has driven this band through 7 lineups with no licence, and refuses a breathalyzer.




Originally from "the Hammer" Doug has pounded skin behind such bands as the Wet Spots, Tristan Psionic and SLAVE to the SQUAREwave. Uprooted and moved to Toronto, he can be seen sticking it to High Heels Lo Fi,  and Nanochrist, and any other rock project that wants him.

Doug brings a certain "mystique" to the band. Mostly whether or not he will be pantless at the start or by the end of the set. Cannot be distracted no matter how many boobies jiggle on stage. You’ve been forewarned!





Jackie Moore is a great guitar player who is lucky to have found a band that makes her look even better than she really is. With a smile on her face and a dive bomb from her whammy bar, she's a dance party and a half all by herself. On most Saturday nights she can usually be seen through her back patio window dancing around practicing guitar after downing half a bottle of wine with dinner.  She is the perfect condiment for High Heels Lo Fi. Just like when the hotdog vendor has fried onions! Her credentials include: Sister Hyde, Elissa Barclay, The SheBGBs, The Rockaway Bitches and now... She has found a place to call home - High Heels Lo Fi.




Recently asked to describe his musicality in three words Mark, new bassist of horribly fun rock n roll act High Heels Lo Fi, answered “Double Big Mac”. In this statement we see his passion for blood lettings, corporate food choice, room deodorizers, circuits, low end, his lady's end, stringed things, goofy, borderline, vagrant behaviour and climate control.

Marks played and toured throughout North America as a musician and tech. He’s played many styles of music in many bands and is drawn to any kind of music he feels has, and hears genuine spirit and personality.

Favourite Cocktail:  Los Arango Tequila Reposado on ice, with lime... or whatever hot people hand her for free. Just no gin, ever. Thanks.

Favourite Bands:  Steel Panther, The Pretty Reckless, Weird Al Yankovic, AC/DC, Jean-Michel Jarre, Sam & Dave, Glass Apple Bonzai



Favourite Cocktail:  Gin & Tonic (Warning, he is "Canada's Deadliest Bartender")

Favourite Bands:  Police, Foo Fighters, Devo



Favourite Cocktail:  Beer

Favourite Bands:  New York Dolls, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Suicidal Tendencies, Fear.



Favourite Cocktail:  Freshly flat soda on the rocks and Doug's premium rehearsal fizzy juice

Favourite Bands:  Santana, QOTSA, Jimi Hendrix, John Lee Hooker, BB King, Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy. Foo Fighters. No Doubt. Charlie Parker, Brian Setzer, John Coltrane




There are nights made for beer to swig from a stein, and there are nights for cheese and crackers and wine, there are nights for shots when it’s time to rock and there are just some nights when you need a good cock... cock cock cock cock, cock cock cock... COCKTAILS! ~ You Can’t Lose with Booze




If you're one of the amazingly fabulous people who take a few pics at rock shows, please tag @highheelslofi so that we can see the spinach in our teeth! Just kidding, we don't eat spinach. It's likely a lime wedge.

Bring us some girlies Get your asses on the stage We wanna play with boobies Don’t care if you are newbies... ~ Girls Get Loud
You’re the one who loves me back You’re the one keepin’ me on track You’re the one who loves me true I’m a better person when I’m with you... ~ You Win Again, Tequila




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Warning - everything here is likely NSFW. So turn your volume up really high before we start with the cussin' and naughty topics!

Good girls like to talk, and bad girls show the sexy walk Good girls like to think, and bad girls wanna drink And every single time a good girl walks the line Bad girl’s doin’ shots and feelin’ fine... ~ Bad Girls
Got some guitar, got some drums, My parents think my friends are bums Got a tattoo, got a van, got a chick with a spray on tan... ~ Big Dumb Rock Song




There will be more bits added to this site soon. But hey - you made it to the very end! Thanks for checking us out. If you'd like to be a super nifty person, feel free to tell all of your friends about us, and drag them out to a show sometime. People's lives get all crazy and busy, but please never stop going out to see live rock & roll. The scene needs your energy. And hopefully, your world needs rock & roll!!!

Don’t take candy from strangers Don’t get in the back of a van Don’t date naughty, dirty boys Avoid musicians as much as you can... ~ Just Don’t

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