December 25

On the thirteenth day of Drinkmas,

High Heels Lo Fi said to me...


Drink Anything with

Family and Friends


Today is the day to sip sherry with your Nana, even if you think it's gross. Try your cousin's favourite beer, your sister's special blend of tea. Talk about how you miss your grandpa, and laugh about how he smelled of scotch on special occasions. Talk about your friend who moved away, and always found the most interesting sparkling waters. Talk about your neighbour's new coffee shop.


It's not about booze; non-alcoholic drinks are just as important. It's about sitting still for a moment, being together in person. It's about stopping the outside world and turning off your phone, because you are engaged in real conversation.


Today is the day to remember friends and family, food and parties. It is the week to create new memories. No matter how you celebrate the winter holidays, we hope you gather with wonderful people to share a lovely meal, and a drink together.


Take a moment to send messages to people you haven't spoken with in ages. Sometimes we drift apart; it happens. Use this holiday to reach out to fabulous people, and reconnect. Let them know you still think of them.


Wishing you warm hearts, hot tea, and chilled cocktails,


High Heels Lo Fi

Cynthia * Doug * Jackie * Mark

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December 24

On the twelfth day of Drinkmas,

Cynthia made for me...


A Suntanned Clit


I invented this drink. I could blame

someone else, but why bother?

Sometimes you just get an idea,

and it's delicious. (Did I ever mention

that I was briefly a bartender, and am fascinated by flavour combinations?) This is a super sweet little cocktail, and it works best if you just have one, maybe two, then have a glass of water before switching to tequila or white wine.




Fresh Lime

1 shot Malibu Coconut Rum (because it smells like suntan lotion)

1 shot Peach Schnapps (because "I could eat a peach all day")



Place 3 big ice cubes in a rocks glass, add the booze, and squeeze in some fresh lime. The lime is essential for taking the chemical taste out of the schnapps and making it taste a bit more like actual peach. Swirl for a moment to chill and blend, then sip slowly. It's really, really sweet, but so good!



Asking bartenders for this drink is hilarious - you'll have to explain the whole thing. Also, letting other people take a sip, and watching them run to the bar for their own is hilarious - the bartender will likely force them to say the actual name of the drink loudly before they'll make it. Basically, this sassy little cocktail is a riot among the right crowd.


P.S. - How does one trademark a cocktail?


December 23

On the eleventh day of Drinkmas,

Doug made for me...


Ginger Infused Vanilla Sangria


One year, for my annual Ass On The Grass

Pride party, I decided to forego the classic

Jesus Juice and create a refreshing thirst

quencher for the hot day at hand. I ended

up creating the best White Sangria ever.

And it still had the sneaky kick in the ass that Jesus Juice is known for.



1 2L bottle of white wine (Gewürztraminer or Riesling for their lightness and sweetness)

1 750ml bottle of Galliano liqueur

1 375ml bottle each of Orange Brandy / Cherry Brandy / Peach Schnapps

2 each of lemons, limes, oranges

10 cubes of candied ginger

1 500ml bottle of ginger ale or ginger beer or ginger green tea


NOTE: Place candied ginger in container, add 1/2 bottle of Galliano. Store in refrigerator over night.



Fill a 5L pitcher half full of ice

Add wine, Galliano, Orange Brandy, Cherry Brandy and Peach Schnapps

Add candied ginger and rest of Galliano

Slice lemons, limes and oranges into even half slices and add to alcohol

Add ginger ale / beer / tea

Stir and enjoy! Ahhhhhh....refreshing



You can add grapes, cherries and / or watermelon as well if you find it too citrusy.  This is a strong drink, so pace yourself as to not become the human piñata early in the evening. Also this doesn't come back up so nice I've been told. Hola!



Doug is known as "Canada's Deadliest Bartender" for good reason. This sangria is SOOOOO delicious that you'll drink two glasses without even realizing it, because you don't taste any alcohol at all. Then you'll slowly discover you've just chugged the equivalent of 3-4 servings of booze. Don't drink more than one glass unless you're also drinking water and eating food. Pace yourself.


December 22 On the tenth day of Drinkmas, Jackie made for me... Red Wine With the holiday season upon us there will be lots of food available and beer can be too filling. Red wine is a great substitute. Just be careful because, as easily as it goes down, it has way more alcohol. INGREDIENTS: Red Wine. Lots of it. METHOD: After a bottle or two most Red Wines all start to taste about the same, but here are a few buying tips. I used to just get the one that offered the most Air Miles. Now I’m more refined and I’ll pick a Red Wine because it has a cute name or a fancy label. NOTES: Whenever I want to eat too much and drink too much, Red Wine is my “go to” beverage. A perfect companion for the holidays.


December 21 On the ninth day of Drinkmas, Mark made for me... Tea... warming, comforting tea INGREDIENTS: Any English breakfast tea (Tetley was on sale and is in my cupboard), cream (none of that milk shite), sweetener, sugar or none of either. METHOD: Boil water, drop tea bag(s) in vessel (cup or pot). Poor boiling water over the tea (this be proper IMO). Steep a minute or three. Once in cup and steeped, remove bag and add cream, sweetener, sugar or none to taste. Enjoy. NOTES: Licky-doo!!


December 20

On the eighth day of Drinkmas,

Cynthia made for me...


You Win Again, Tequila


If the thought of tequila makes your

stomach turn, you've probably only

had it frat boy style. (You know, after

6 cheap beers and 3 rum and cokes,

some genius talks everyone into tequila shots.)

Please do not blame this fine liquor for your upset guts that night - it was the mixing, and that was the last thing you had. Do Not Mix Boozes! Time to drink it properly.


Jose Cuervo and Sauza are barely adequate tequilas. Try El Jimador or Olmeca for your cheaper but acceptable tequilas,  Cazadores Reposado, 1800, or Herradura if you have a little money to spend. Note - you don't need lime in the higher end liquors - try it with and without to see which you prefer. Los Arango is interesting, and a bit spicy - it goes well with food. Plus it comes in a sassy blue square bottle, so it looks neat on your shelf.



Good Tequila


Fresh Lime



Place 3 ice cubes in your glass, then pour in a shot and a half of tequila. Squeeze in the juice of about a quarter of a big lime, half if it's one of the teensy sad little winter fruits. Swish it around for a moment. Like whiskey, a little water opens up the flavour. Sip it slowly, elegantly. Tequila is luscious.



1800 Reposado is deep and smoky like a whisky. Herradura is absolute heaven, but out of my price range. If you have some, please invite me over for a drink!


December 19

On the seventh day of Drinkmas,

Doug made for me...


Doug's Classic Caesar


We don't really know who invented the

Caesar, but we know it's a Canadian thing.

Where else would you find tomato juice

with the ever pleasant taste of clams?


Not all Caesars are the same. Some prefer mild, some prefer spicy, some with vodka, some with tequila, some with gin.

I have been told that mine are the best Caesars, thank you.


It's all about the ingredients and in the certain order in which they're prepared. The secret is the Caesar must be prepared and served in a mason jar, shaken not stirred.



2 ounces of vodka, preferably over proofed. I like to use good old Canadian made Prince Igor - it's a 50 percent vodka and since you're stirring it in a cocktail anyway taste is not the focal point here.

Clamato juice. (The fine taste of tomatoes with clams.) I prefer good old Motts Clamato of the extra spicy variety.

One lime

Worchester sauce.

Hot sauce - anything from Tabasco to "burn your ass the next day sauce". Personally I prefer something in the habanero to ghost pepper, just with extra kick.

Celery stalk

Extreme bean Caesar rimmer

Salt and Pepper



Now here's where the fun begins. This must be mixed in this specific order - if not just toss in the sink and start again.

Fill mason jar with ice. Add Worchester to taste. Squeeze in the juice of one lime, add Caesar rimmer into mason jar.

Next, pour in your 2 ounces of vodka or tequila or gin depending on what you feel like at the moment, but of course vodka is always the best in this case.

Fill jar with Clamato juice add your hot sauce of choice.

Salt-and-pepper to taste. I prefer a little shot of "shit is hot rocks" spicy salt available online everywhere.

Now cap that mother and shake fiercely like Pee-wee Herman other movie theatre from Hell.


Now garnish with anything - your choice. I prefer the extreme bean. You can use a pepperoni stick, good old celery stalk, some people like to overdo it and put everything they can find including sliders, bacon, cheese, olives - don't go overboard. You still want to taste the fine points of the Caesar, such as that tomato and clam.



I once went to a party and drank 20 Caesars - that was a full 40 ounces of Absolut vodka in a six hour time. I was totally coherent and I even got laid that night.

Hail Caesar!


December 18 On the sixth day of Drinkmas, Jackie made for me... A Mojito After listening to Bruce Campbell going on about Mojitos in every single episode of Burn Notice, l decided I had better try one. INGREDIENTS: 4 lime wedges or 1 oz fresh lime juice 1 tbsp super fine raw sugar 6-8 fresh mint leaves 2 oz light rum 3 - 4 oz chilled club soda METHOD: This is a very complicated drink to make. It requires measuring ingredients, squeezing limes, and muddling of the mint with a device called a muddler??? I find the best way to get one is to sit nicely in your chair, smile a lot and hope someone else will make it for you. NOTES: Super yummy and refreshing.


December 17 On the fifth day of Drinkmas, Mark made for me... Doug’s Rehearsal Juice INGREDIENTS: You’d have to ask the most premium and beloved drummer himself, Doug Lea. I just know sometimes there’s what Cynthia calls fizzy water, some kind of mandarin soda water, I think ginger ale might be in it some or all of the time. Also, occasionally Gatorade, and various types of mixed fruit juice (I’m guessing whatever is on hand on or sale?). Either way, it’s always a refreshingly surprising and tasty beverage. METHOD: Place ice in glass. Fill with some juice, some fizzy stuff. Add splash of lime juice. Enjoy! (You could add a shot of vodka or light rum, or you could just enjoy a mocktail and focus on your rehearsal.) NOTES: Doug is handsome.


December 16

On the fourth day of Drinkmas,

Cynthia made for me...


Barefoot Moscato - sweet white wine


I drank this while camping several times this

summer, and it's delicious. Fruity, light, and just

the right level of sweetness. Perfect for parties,

as most wine drinkers would enjoy it. Wonderful

with food, as the apricot and citrus is subtle, and blends with nearly everything.



One Bottle of Moscato (Only $11!)




Chill slightly (take out of fridge half an hour before serving), pour into a wine glass, bottoms up.


Or, if you're camping, drink it straight out of the bottle, so that you can screw the lid on and keep bugs out. It also tastes almost as good warm, out of not-quite-clean coffee mugs, with pine needles floating in it. Nature is punk.



Warning! When drinking this in the summer heat, be sure to chug a glass of water every hour. If you drink wine to stay hydrated, you're doing it wrong. You don't want to feel icky on tomorrow's hike.


December 15 On the third day of Drinkmas, Dougie made for me... Classic Gin & Tonic Even though the mere scent of Gin is enough to make Cynthia dry heave, this classic cocktail can be enjoyed many different ways. Sort of like Doug himself! Gilbey's / Gordon's / Beefeater are not considered gin, as more thought of as nail polish remover. Avoid them at all cost. Bombay Sapphire / Tanqueray / Plymouth are good starter gins that capture the classic botanicals associated with fine gin. Boodles / Hayman's / Dillion's are the most flavourful dry gins and for those of you that like to beat a different drummer, there are flavoured gins out there. Grapefruit, cherry, cucumber, licorice etc. INGREDIENTS: 1-2 oz Gin METHOD: Place 3 cubes of ice into lowball glass Add 1-2 oz Gin Squeeze the juice of 1/4 lime into glass Add 4 oz Tonic Garnish with lime wedge NOTES: There are many options for garnishes. Grapefruit slice, lemon wedge, mango slice. Find your match. Like gin, all tonic is not the same. Schweppes is the best if you're on a budget. But if you can pick up Fever Tree Premium Tonic, it's well worth the extra cost for extra flavour.


December 14 On the second day of Drinkmas, Jackie made for me... Beer I like beer. INGREDIENTS: 1 (or more) Beer METHOD: Beer is best served in a chilled glass at 4-7C for Pilsner and 7-10C for ale. Warm from the bottle or can is okay too. Beer should be enjoyed in small sips from the appropriate drinking vessel. But, you can chug a couple from the bottle or can if you need to catch up. Dark English beer is served warm, but that’s not really like drinking beer. That’s more like... dessert or something. NOTES: Too much beer will make you wish you never heard of beer.


December 13 On the first day of Drinkmas, Mark made for me... The M Fresh Flat Soda I drink this all the time. It’s not popular by any means, more a nostalgic and familial learned memory and habit. INGREDIENTS: Soda and ice METHOD: Any soda, add lots of ice in a tall glass. Let sit til ice starts to melt. Drink. As liquid goes down, spin ice in the glass to flatten the remaining soda. Repeat and enjoy. NOTES: It is rumoured that Jesus enjoyed flat soda too, it went with the unleavened bread!

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