High Heels Lo Fi is a madcap cocktail of rock, booze, and hilarity. Imagine if Joan Jett was kicked out of the Ramones’ Rock n’ Roll High School for her skirt being too short, being drunk, and acting like the class clown. Not only a good band, we're a Great Time.

One third rock band, one third comedy shenanigans, one third variety show, one thirst... don't make me count any more - just come to a show dammit.

Come see High Heels Lo Fi if you want to be bullied into singin’ along, drinkin’, dancin’ and laughin’ yer arse off with your friends. Pinkies up, it's cocktail time, darlings!

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"Imagine if “Weird Al” Yankovic wrote all original material while utterly drunk for three weeks and listening to The Runaways and Kiss for inspiration. Sex, booze and one night stands: High Heels Lo Fi cleverly capture the scene with tongues planted firmly in cheek and asses possibly hanging out of their stage outfits.” ~ otmblog.com

"Fun, fresh and fearless, High Heels Lo Fi is to classic-sounding rock what LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It” is to mainstream electronic pop."
~ 4rightchords.wordpress.com

"...one of the most wildly entertaining bands in the city, High Heels Lo Fi! High Heels Lo Fi play drunk rock and they don't just play it, they live it. Your mother probably wouldn't like them, your dad might... if your dad is a touch on the dirty side."
~ Dan Wolovick, Two Way Monologues

"Shake those titties!" shouts Cynthia. That was a great set at Rancho Relaxo. Where else can you have a set that includes an ass-shakin' cowbell-hitting lass, a rocking cover of the theme to The Littlest Hobo, and a bassist that can play while downing a shot? High Heels Lo Fi delivers raunchy, saucy, rock and roll at it's finest.
~ Lonely Vagabond

"High Heels Lo Fi: elements of Joan Jett and Sleater Kinney but full of wit and raunchiness. What the hell is there *not* to like?"
~ Zed Dulac of Conflicting Plaid

"local underground power punk sensation"
~ lipstikindie.com
Cynthia Gould Cynthia Gould Cynthia is a performance poet, short novelist, painter, graphic designer, VJ (Google "VJ 7th Deadly") and funkless.com party instigator. She's been dating musicians since she was 16, so it finally dawned on her... if you can't beat them, join them! (It's really just poetry with a couple of chords and a shorter skirt, right?) Apparently, "I'm in a band" is the perfect excuse to wear and do ridiculous things! Her record for holding "the long note" on stage is 57 seconds. (cynthiagould.com)

Most Rock & Roll Feature: Best haircut ever was done on a street corner at 2am across the street from an insane asylum by the singer of an industrial band who borrowed the hunting knife from a singer of a metal band.
Least Rock & Roll Feature: Was once an assistant librarian.
Favourite Cocktail: Los Arango Tequila Reposado on ice, with lime... or whatever hot people hand her for free.
Favourite Bands: Steel Panther, The Pretty Reckless, Weird Al Yankovic, AC/DC
Doug Lea Doug Lea Originally from "the Hammer" Doug has pounded skin behind such bands as the Wet Spots and Tristan Psionic. Uprooted and moved to Toronto, he can be seen sticking it to SLAVE to the SQUAREwave and most recently Nanochrist.
As an addition to High Heels Lo Fi, Doug brings a certain "mystique" to the band. Mostly whether or not he will be pantless at the start or by the end of the set. Cannot be distracted no matter how many boobies jiggle on stage.
Definitely putting the sensual in non-consentual, always opened arm welcomes by Doug. You’ve been forewarned!

Most Rock & Roll Feature: Part chemist / part mixologist. He can create potent potables like no other.
Least Rock & Roll Feature: A whole lot of “Swipe Left.
Favourite Cocktail: Gin & Tonic
Favourite Bands: Police, Foo Fighters, Devo
Spacker Dave Vestaloyne Spacker Dave Vestaloyne We are thrilled to welcome Spacker Dave Vestaloyne as our captain of bass! You might know him from The Vestaloynes, The Black Void, Round Eye, and Pole. He is a party unto himself, and we are actually a little nervous to see what happens next! Since he didn't send in his homework (a new bio), I can make up any damn thing I like here. Let's see... he really enjoys wearing a brown paper bag on his head. Ask me for photos. He is also barefoot more than any other person I've met, no matter how dirty or broken glass flecked the floor might be.

Most Rock & Roll Feature: Loves being naked in public.
Least Rock & Roll Feature: Knows WAY too much about flowers.
Favourite Cocktail: Absinthe
Favourite Bands: Ween, High Heels Lo Fi, the sounds your mom makes when he's... what, how is that inappropriate?
Jackie Moore Jackie Moore Jackie Moore is a great guitar player who is lucky to have found a band that makes her look even better than she really is. With a smile on her face and a dive bomb from her whammy bar, she's a dance party and a half all by herself. On most Saturday nights she can usually be seen through her back patio window dancing around practicing guitar after downing half a bottle of wine with dinner.
She is the perfect condiment for High Heels Lo Fi. Just like when the hotdog vendor has fried onions. It would have been fine without. But wow! Fried onions!
Her credentials include: Sister Hyde, Elissa Barclay, The SheBGBs, The Rockaway Bitches and now... She has found a place to call home. High Heels Lo Fi.
Favourite quote: "Ya don't haf ta be a great guitar player to be a great rock and roller" - Johnny Thunders

Most Rock & Roll Feature: Prefers beer.
Least Rock & Roll Feature: Loves Sewing
Favourite Cocktail: Beer
Favourite Bands: New York Dolls, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Suicidal Tendencies, Fear...
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